November 2 - 3, 2017
Riga, Latvia
Thursday, November 02
08:00-09:00 (entrance hall)
Opening ceremony
09:00-10:00 (room K1-115)
Conference opening
TPC Chair Assoc.Prof. Arturs Aboltins
Welcome greeting from RTU
Deputy Vice-rector for Research of RTU Prof. Gatis Bazbauers
Welcome greeting from IEEE
Chair of IEEE Latvia Section Assoc.Prof. Andrejs Romanovs
Welcoming speech
Riga Technical University, Latvia Prof. Jurgis Porins
Invited talk
10:00-10:30 (room K1-115)
Benefits and drawbacks of the BigData era
University of Latvia Prof. Guntis Barzdins
Coffee break
10:30-11:00 (hall on 1st floor)
A1: Optical fibers and photonics
11:00-12:30 (room 201)
Chairs: Andis Supe, Jurgis Porins
Optical Wireless Monolithically Integrated Receiver with Large-Area APD and DC Current Rejection
Dinka Milovančev, Tomislav Jukić, Bernhard Steindl, Horst Zimmermann
The Optical Disdrometer
Lai Quyen, Nguyen Thang, Nguyen Vu, Nguyen Truyen, Victor Malyugin, Dmitry Kiesewetter
Nonlinear MIMO Impulse Responses Determination Using Pseudo Random Sequences, and Nonlinear Compensation
Joris Van Kerrebrouck, Haolin Li, Jochem Verbist, Guy Torfs, Johan Bauwelinck, Piet Demeester
B1: Wireless PHY techniques
11:00-12:30 (room 212)
Chairs: Anna Litvinenko, Ilmars Slaidins
Multi-Hop Space Shift Keying with Path Selection
Ferhat Yarkin, İbrahim Altunbaş, Ertugrul Basar
Lunch break
12:30-13:30 (place of your choice)
Invited talk
13:30-14:15 (room 201)
Digital nonlinearity compensation in high-capacity optical fibre communication systems: performance and optimisation
Connected Systems Group, School of Engineering, University of Warwick, UK Dr. Tianhua Xu
Coffee break
14:15-14:30 (hall on 1st floor)
A2: Optical networking
14:30-16:00 (room 201)
Chairs: Vjaceslavs Bobrovs, Sandis Spolitis
Impact of Physical and Geometrical Parameters on Visible Light Communication Links
Abdeslam Behlouli, Pierre Combeau, Stephanie Sahuguede, Anne Julien-Vergonjanne, Clément Le Bas, Lilian Aveneau
Evaluation and Research of FBG Optical Temperature Sensors Network
Ugis Senkans, Sandis Spolitis, Vjaceslavs Bobrovs
Real-time All-Digital Radio-over-Fiber LTE Transmission
Joris Van Kerrebrouck, Laurens Breyne, Haolin Li, Johan Bauwelinck, Guy Torfs, Piet Demeester, Thomas Bohn
B2: Wireless networking
14:30-16:00 (room 212)
Chairs: Ernests Petersons, Guntars Balodis
Two-Way Decode and Forward Relaying for OFDMA Mobile Systems
Noran Farouk, Wassim Alexan, Ahmed El-Mahdy
Coffee break
16:00-16:30 (hall on 1st floor)
A3: Channel coding
16:30-17:30 (room 201)
Chairs: Guntars Balodis, Elans Grabs
Usage of Divergence Within Concatenated Multithreshold Decoding Convolutional Codes
Valeri Zolotarev, Gennady Ovechkin, Pavel Ovechkin, Eldor Egamberdiyev
Selecting Algorithm for Codegram Detection
Alexey Borozdin, Natalia Forova, Sergey Sizov
Comparative Study of Channel Coding Techniques for MIMO-CEM System with IF Sampled 1-Bit ADC
Amr Amrallah, Hany S. Hussein, Ehab Mahmoud Mohamed, Wassim Alexan
B3: Wireless MIMO
16:30-17:30 (room 212)
Chairs: Anna Litvinenko, Ilmars Slaidins
Conference Dinner
18:00-22:00 (room 120)
Friday, November 03
Invited talk
09:00-09:45 (room 201)
Spectral and Energy Efficiency in Coherent Optical Networks: Impairments and Limitations
RISE Acreo AB, Sweden Dr.Sc.Ing. Aleksejs Udalcovs
Coffee break
09:45-10:00 (hall on 1st floor)
A4: Signal processing
10:00-11:30 (room 201)
Chairs: Modris Greitans, Andis Supe
Design of FBMC Waveform by Exploiting a NPR Prototype Filter
Jiangang Wen, Hua Jingyu, Feng Li, Dongming Wang, Jiamin Li
Speech Enhancement Using A Critical Point Based Wiener Filter
Meihui Lu, Xuan Zhou, Nabih Jaber, Kun Hua, Mahdi Ali
B4: Routing, network and traffic management
10:00-11:30 (room 212)
Chairs: Ernests Petersons, Elans Grabs
Vehicular Multitier Gateway Selection Algorithm for Heterogeneous VANET Architectures
Shuja Ansari, Tuleen Boutaleb, Sinan Sinanovic, Carlos Gamio, Ioannis Krikidis
Integrated Wireless Network Performance Estimation for Moving Vehicles
Arnis Ancans, Nikolajs Bogdanovs, Ernests Petersons, Aleksandrs Ipatovs
Coffee break
11:30-12:00 (hall on 1st floor)
A5: Sensor networks and positioning
12:00-13:30 (room 201)
Chairs: Modris Greitans, Nikolajs Bogdanovs
Dynamic Frequency-Sharing with Licensed-Assisted Access for 5G Communication Systems
Tatsuya Yoshioka, Hiromi Matsuno, Nobuo Suzuki, Keizo Sugiyama
Smart Vehicle Security Systems Using Internet of Things (IoT)
Vignesh Govindraj, Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan, Babangida Abubakar
B5: Cognitive radio and D2D
12:00-13:30 (room 212)
Chairs: Anna Litvinenko, Ilmars Slaidins
5G Radio Resource Management Approach for Internet of Things Communications
Ahlem Saddoud, Wael Doghri, Emna Charfi, Lamia Fourati
Coffee break
13:30-14:00 (hall on 1st floor)
Best paper award
14:00-14:30 (room 201)
Closing and Farewell
14:30-15:00 (room 201)
Riga city bus-tour (fee 10 EUR)
15:00-16:30 (meeting at entrance hall, payment at registration)
Informal dinner (personal expenses)
17:00-22:00 (Stargorod restaurant, address: Republikas Laukums 1)